Who are we?

In 1986 we started our OKY^COKY adventure, which over time has become our passion and way of life.

In autumn 2017 we united OKY^COKY and OKY'S under a new brand, OKY, which sums up two styles under a single collection. In spring/summer 2018, we rounded off the transformation by launching EVENT by OKY, complementing our range of available styles with garments for special occasions.

Where are we located?

Our company is in Galicia, (northwest of Spain) in the TEXVIGO area of the Vigo Technology and Logistics Industrial Park.

From here we design, manufacture and distribute all our garments, which will go on to form part of our cruise collections and our two main annual collections. 

How do we do it?

- We design the garments by selecting the fabrics and accessories.

- We receive the fabrics and materials and cut the garments.

- We distribute the garments to nearby workshops in Galicia for tailoring and assembly.

- We conduct a meticulous quality control on every garment we produce.

- We then finish the ironing, presentation and labelling of the garments in house.

- We dispatch the garments on hangers and in recycled cardboard boxes to the points of sale.

Taking sustainability as the focus of our activity, we have been able to reduce manufacturing times to a mere 10 days, owing to the proximity of our production processes.

All or our garments are made in Galicia and north of Portugal.

What are we aiming for?

Our aim is to produce appealing garments, of the best quality and at a fair price. We believe in the longevity and the sustainability, so we manufacture garments with the aim of them lasting much longer than just one season.

We design garments that allow women to define their own style.

Who do we do it for?

Our target is a profile of woman who prioritises the quality of the garments that compose her wardrobe. Our customers are the ones who bring each garment to life and give each collection as many meanings as there are different types of women.

The quality of the fabrics, care in design and rigour in manufacture have turned OKY into a recognised and recognisable brand with garments that endure in women's wardrobes.

OKY today

Throughout this time, we have built up a solid commercial network, in which internationalisation has become one of the most solid pillars of our business approach, having reached more than 38 countries through multi-brand boutiques and online shops.

Faced with the imposition of the "fast fashion" phenomenon in the world of clothing, we are still committed to our original vision:

- Characteristic and thoughtful OKY design.

- Collections that are not mass-produced.

- Top quality fabrics and materials.

- Exquisite pattern cutting.

- Handcrafted tailoring.

- Timeless staple garments.

- Fair prices.

- Quality service to the end customer.

…which every season gives life to garments that are here to stay.